Oxygen is element number 8 on the periodic table of elements. Commercially, it can be prepared by the process of liquefaction and fractional distillation of air and through electrolysis of water. The use of high‐flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) in COVID‐19 is the subject of much debate, relating to the benefits and harms that may result for patients and healthcare workers alike. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Oxygen is required for yielding antifreeze and polyester polymers. In its molecular form, oxygen is found almost anywhere in the atmosphere. Oxygen is essential for all combustion processes, such as burning of fuels (oil, petrol, natural gas, coal), which heat homes and power vehicles. Oxygen gas is used in the formation of the water that is composed of oxygen combines with hydrogen, It is used to kill bacteria causing gangrene (as it is poisonous for them) and it is used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning as well. It is used in the welding, cutting, and forming of metals, as in oxyacetylene welding, in which oxygen reacts with acetylene to form an extremely hot flame. Oxygen appears chiefly in biomedical, manufacturing and aerospace contexts in the modern world, and the importance of oxygen extends well beyond human and animal respiratory systems. Provides food; For Energy supply. Liquid oxygen uses include burning of fuel in spacecraft for generating the required thrust in space where there is neither air nor oxygen. Oxygen therapy, also known as supplemental oxygen, is the use of oxygen as a medical treatment. The conversion of iron ore into steel needs commercially produced O. Atmospheric oxygen is used for combustion to produce energy in automobiles, aeroplanes, ships, generators, industrial process, etc. Gas symbol O 2 is also punched on the cylinder valve. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Even in mines, it is employed as a part of … It is an essential element for human survival. How much percentage of oxygen does water contain? Oxygen is a popular gas used in steel-making, in part due to the continued use of the basic oxygen furnace. Tell your electric company if you use an oxygen concentrator so you get priority service in case of a power failure. Ancient alchemists named silver as…. Oxygen is pumped through water to increase the production of natural bacteria, which break down waste products. Although it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, oxygen supports combustion but does not burn itself in the reaction. Energy generation in the body. Now, let us see the different uses that oxygen has in our everyday life and find out more about the importance of this element. Oxygen, discovered in 1774 by Joseph Priestly, is necessary for combustion, and oxygen is therefore used in metallurgy, which requires extremely high temperatures to bring about the required chemical reactions. The space shuttle is carried into space on an incredible force … To ascertain the climatic conditions that existed about a million years ago, scientists evaluate the ratio of isotopes of oxygen-18 and oxygen-16 — in the skeletons of marine organisms. in … Chemical Analysis (quality control) Involved in chemical reactions. The therapy may be used in a hospital setting or pre-hospital setting (e.g. The natural oxygen in the atmosphere called diatomic oxygen gas has a molecular mass of 32 while ozone (O3), which is more reactive than natural oxygen, is another allotrope of oxygen formed due to electrical discharges, or ultraviolet light reacting with the atmospheric oxygen. Medical applications of oxygen include use in oxygen tents, inhalators, and pediatric incubators. ), which is more reactive than natural oxygen, is another allotrope of oxygen formed due to electrical discharges, or ultraviolet light reacting with the atmospheric oxygen. Oxygen therapy is widely used in the management of a number of chronic and acute health conditions. Therefore, oxygen therapy is used for people who have trouble breathing due to some medical condition (such as emphysema or pneumonia). The role of oxygen in the human body cannot be exaggerated. Widespread cell death in the same area leads to tissue death, or necrosis. Apart from respiration, there are numerous uses of oxygen, like medical uses, industrial uses, etc. //