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AJPxv+Jr/wCpCSmwkpSSmDQ+DBESe3mfNJS8P8R93+1JSof4j7v9qSlh6hJEjQxwfAeaSkGRk3UH HrP/AJU9L/6f/pVJSHJ6dmYe37Xg9Ho3zt9V7mboiY3XDxSUh9P/AIDoX/b3/qdJSvT/AOA6F/29 Zew1mwg7az/Okl2jpHdESRwruw2W5VV5bew17G/mgHYSRug+aXHQpRhZt0LNK3HyKYvaByAedfik Finally, the associated experimental data were fitted by the least square minimization program, and the parameters in the fitting equation were dimensionless to obtain the correlative dimensionless equation. ia/+pCSmwkpSSkbXgAguaNTp8z5pKc/LpbY+8/ZK8je5pJdZG6Ky3cAZgj6I+9OBU2sLbXjhuxtG Thermal properties and the trans-crystallization of the matrix over the fibers were observed. /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAgEASABIAAD/7QAsUGhvdG9zaG9wIDMuMAA4QklNA+0AAAAAABAASAAAAAEA SU18n+exP+OP/nq5JSun/wDJ+N/xNf8A1ISU2ElKSUwa9gBBcAZPfzKSmveMw378fJqZUWbTW9m4 SSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSmvk/z2J/xx/wDPVySldP8A+T8b AD1ckpXT/wDk/G/4mv8A6kJKbCSlJKRNHPtcdTwY7n+UkpBbXllz/SADT9Hcf5Ma6/vI6KS0stbW ekpX/NroP/cKr7j/AHpKV/za6D/3Cq+4/wB6SnSADQANANAkpdJTXyf57E/44/8Anq5JSun/APJ+ TYPICAL PROPERTIES of DURATRON® D PI POLYIMIDE ASTM or UL test Property Duratron D7000 PI unfilled Duratron D7015G PI 15% graphite PHYSICAL D792 Density (lb/in³) (g/cm³) 0.050 1.37 0.052 1.45 D570 Water Absorption, 24 hrs (%) 0.7 0.5 D570 Water Absorption, Saturation (%) 3.8 3.0 MECHANICAL D638 Tensile Strength (psi) 17,500 11,000 According to the results, the final price of a split air conditioner operating with solar energy which can cool down a room with dimensions of 3×4×2.40 meters in 1 min and 50 s from 35 °C to 21 °C will be 95,880,000 IRRs. ZeLys4TD03Xj80aUpIW0lcTU5PSltcXV5fVWZnaGlqa2xtbm9ic3R1dnd4eXp7fH1+f3/9oADAMB xmp.iid:05801174072068118083C1C997C9D5A0 This process is therefore a way of producing novel high-volume-fraction polymer/polymer composites in which the two phases are chemically the same material. 3. KV+1/rb/AOU7f+3B/wCSSUr9r/W3/wAp2/8Abg/8kkpX7X+tv/lO3/twf+SSUr9r/W3/AMp2/wDb afc0mxoH3T8UUJ/U+y4n6Sx+PUDqK2Eud5NDRKBS2+h5LcrFssZRbjtFpa0X/TeNrfeR2mUlOikp Dynamic mechanical analyses were per-, 1 Hz on a TA instrument Q800. A possible solution to address these issues is to use a coated textile composed of a single material. The highly oriented skin thickness is the most important factor in determining the tensile properties of the sample. A dwell time of 2 min was found to be optimum because this gave the required percentage of melted material to bind the structure together, while giving only a small decrease in molecular weight. The parametric studies are performed on the stress field along the elements of reinforcements, using image processing to correlate the influence of reinforcement architectures with the failure mechanism of WSPC. OqRCk59QAmR9x/8AJIKXh/iPu/2pKa78qxtj6/TedhaNwrJadwnQz2RpTPHusvaTtNZaYIexzdYB JSklKSU18n+exP8Ajj/56uSUrp//ACfjf8TX/wBSElNhJSklKSUpJSklPnX+Nyr1HdI8vtP/ALrp b/8AyKSlf89fq9/p3f8Abb//ACKSlf8APX6vf6d3/bb/APyKSlf89fq9/p3f9tv/APIpKV/z1+r3 PA66 fiber and crystallized to form the matrix after cooling. Manufacturing of Polyamide Filaments j2/iUrUx+wdQLmzl6NHZlerpfM/o/AgD4JWFJhi5GzY6xrjIIftAOnP0QBBSU5WNnU5TXV4/U/Uc xmp.iid:DB9EB5064120681180839694E89C99E6 In conclusion, using the FAUCa solvent has two merits: 1. replacement of 40 % of the FA with less harmful and environmentally-friendly chemicals and 2. enabling for the preparation of more viscouse solutions, which makes denser coating. The flame-resistant properties of aramid fibers are improved using a swelling agent to introduce a flame retardant into the fiber. Three different cooling rates were 1, 5, and. KV+z+n/9xqf+22/3JKV+z+n/APcan/ttv9ySlfs/p/8A3Gp/7bb/AHJKV+z+n/8Acan/ALbb/ckp Compared with other polymers, polyamide stands up very well to higher temperatures and has been successfully used to replace some metal … 9KJKVtt/c6F/n1/+lElK22/udC/z6/8A0okpW239zoX+fX/6USU3aus9corbTTk9IZWwBrWtuYAA 9xqf+22/3JKV+z+n/wDcan/ttv8AckpX7P6f/wBxqf8Attv9ySlfs/p//can/ttv9ySlfs/p/wD3 Both polyamides share the same, cates that a strong interface can be formed between, fiber and PA6 matrix. zkf+xVf/AJFJSv2B0H/y5yP/AGKr/wDIpKdjCyelYOLXiMzq7G1ggPtuY55kk6mR4pKT/tPpv/cu J/xx/wDPVySldP8A+T8b/ia/+pCSmwkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJ Recently, several research studies have been initiated to find cost-efficient materials for constructing bioreactors, one of which is coated textiles. NfCG6qGcYAaStmhPIT6o19U3VC8dOySwlrhU7aQYIMeKGKuMWnNfAXkXZOZi11ZNzr7H3M311Mc4 xmp.iid:C4F462A41920681197A5E1C4766694D4 lK9O/wD0nQPup/8AIpKbg6F9YCJGL0kg8H0Wf+k0lPS9LZnVYVdfUfT9dsgikQwNB9oaIHZJTPJ/ The results demonstrated that the matrix thermo-oxidative degradation affected the energy absorption capacity of the CF/PA composite when the processing temperature exceeded 260°C, which is in accordance with the prediction of the degradation study. j/GOHf8ANjFLCWkZ7YIMH+auCCXz6v7RcBVZZbY1xEt3OdIHlrwkp9Y6U1mPXXVQPTrrADGt0AAR 1HObO4NiNjXeCSnnv+Y31g/7lUf9uWf+kklNOr6v5V1wx6eq4T7XHa1jb3lxPhHppKbn/Mb6wf8A VzHTMo+FTvyKTD84Y8/82fJ5DOuOXj4uVjAutoo+z3MBDYhwLXNJB8FbEeCRieurT4uKAI8lumZN KUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSmvk/z2J/xx/wDPVySldP8A+T8b/ia/+pCSmwkpSSlJKUkp xmp.iid:C1F462A41920681197A5E1C4766694D4 erlGyK6f/wAn43/E1/8AUhJTYSUpJTBokEmeT3PiUlNG5vWvWeaDT6QscGB+4uNfpNcwyHDX1twO 8Kt+US/p5tbjtZTTf6rZdWRtdofd7Q93PKIPip1qmNrrbWx5DWgAAkEwPEmSU1SmcfTPJ8PE+SSk Drawing on the difference in melting points of UHMPE fiber (150°C) and HDPE matrix (130°C), single-polymer composites were fabricated under various processing conditions. It was also found that the, In this study, the flame retardancy and physical properties of polyamide 6, melt processed in a twin-screw extruder with various amounts of melamine polyphosphate and layered silicates, were examined. Influence of transcrystallization, incorporation of PA66 fibers on the interface strength and, the mechanical properties of composites will be the, All-polyamide composites were successfully manufactured, based on the melting point difference of PA66 fiber and, PA6 matrix. In this paper, self-reinforced samples with different mechanical properties were obtained by adjusting the molding parameters by co-injection molding technology, and the micro-morphology of these samples was observed. saved saved Adobe InDesign 7.5 Besides, other polymer, fibers, including polyethylene terephthalate [. Polyamide 11 (PA11) is widely used in selective laser sintering (SLS), but it has poor thermal, electrical, and flame-retardant properties. A stable and strong fiber/matrix bonding could be obtained, because PA66 and PA6 are closely related from both, work was concentrated on studying the influence of the, process conditions (processing temperature and cooling. temperature which resulted in the low temperature window. You are here: Home 1 / Uncategorized 2 / polyamide fabric properties. t5j2keLR4+c/AJKaWRW/JeW1Psp3PDnuFrmDa17WOA2juxshEGlMHMZt3j7YXg6t9YgkHaJHv2cn pBVLVnnrLGlzjkAASSd0BLRWrsV5FzLmbnse22quGueGuDtZO2NdybQpV0UddfVy2TfWSLPU3Ay0 JmElM76a8il9FollgLXDjQogkGwiURIUXPb9W+ktMtrcD4h7h/FSnmch3LCOVxhZ/wBWulWHdYyx saved Polyamideimides (PAIs) are high performance amorphous engineering thermoplastics of yellow to brown color. Adobe InDesign 7.5 bonding is related to physical and chemical reasons. Wb/o1x6cmIndMoDFO9vyScsKOv5ul0a+u3qT202mxopcXAOe5n0/Z/OfnbeVDmgRDUdWbl5A5ND0 r9odP/7k0/8Abjf70lK/aHT/APuTT/243+9JSv2h0/8A7k0/9uN/vSUr9odP/wC5NP8A243+9JSv uNkDqOeHM9Fry1pLZe9zdg0a0R2CGSIkOGKYS4fVJpY4Ftn6Ssgac6tPmrTVJoJbaamWN0hpMODN And the relationship between microscopic structures and macroscopic properties was explored. 3/uXR/24z/ySSlftPpv/AHLo/wC3Gf8AkklK/afTf+5dH/bjP/JJKV+0+m/9y6P+3Gf+SSUr9p9N Effects of processing temperature and cooling rate on, structure and physical properties of composites were inves-, tigated by SEM, DMA, DSC analyses, and static tensile, test. Ibanes C, Boissieu MD, David L, Seguela, ... Polyamide is a well-known high-performance engineering plastic with a high strength and good fatigue resistance, ... Due to their mechanical properties and their barrier behavior against gases and aromatics, they are widely used in films for flexible food packaging [73]. 2013-12-16T10:11:43-05:00 2014-01-22T15:39:24-05:00 6P8Atxn/AJJJSeq2q9gspe2xh4cwhw08wkpFk/z2J/xx/wDPVySldP8A+T8b/ia/+pCSlZmBh9Qr All Rights Reserved. Aboel-Maaty MI, Bassett DC, Olley RH, Hine PJ, Ward IM, 4. Investigation of the various processing parameters showed that a key aspect was the time spent at the compaction temperature, termed the dwell time. SUkSUpJTXyf57E/44/8Anq5JSun/APJ+N/xNf/UhJTYSUpJSNvB98anTTxPkkpoZNG+y5wpNhc4E 5JSun/8AJ+N/xNf/AFISU2ElKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUp processing temperature exists in this temperature range. This study evaluated the matrix thermo-oxidative degradation by Friedman's isoconversional kinetic model to a carbon fiber/polyamide (CF/PA) commingled fabric. KcW//GR1HFFRv6Mz9MdrBXlbyTAMQMfzSUnp+v3Vbo29Bv14h7z/AO66Sm7T9aus2/8AeFePm/8A However, recycling PVCT is challenging, as it is a mixture of PVC, polyester fabric, a plasticizer for the PVC, chemical linkers, and other processing-aid additives. Y5ha79GRt03j3Bw1HuM/Ad4RCmvitaMwEPzCZdpbPpcH+T9yJ2U6Tt206Djx/wBiapf3eA+//Ykp Formic acid (FA) is the most common solvent for PAs which has detrimental effects on the environment and also has industrial limitations. PA6 pellets were placed between two stainless steel plates, in a hot press machine. To make use of high-performance polyolefin, C. At the initial stage, PA6 pellets were. It is evident that the maximum loss tangent value of, C/min. Additionally, the APCT is fully recyclable as it contains only a single component. At the optimal processing temperature of, of that of the pure PA6. The change in crystallinity is the most important factor in relation to the elastic modulus. saved All rights reserved. For simulating the actual molding process as, much as possible, three different cooling methods were. With reduced heating rates, the fusion and adhesion properties are rapidly deteriorated. CHB1R0Ht3QiTDstqXdYtzm0hzstoDmkC2WgEmwODhIj6EpDhvZWtbrWP6lArbkUC02F7fdAcyG7G This depends on the fact that aligned and extended chains provide thermodynamically more stable crystals, which thus will have higher melting points than conventionally crystallized melts. In this contribution, we proposed a new solvent system for PAs by replacing a portion of the FA with urea and calcium chloride (FAUCa). The fibers were first used as received, and then were used after fluorine (direct fluorination) treatment of their surface. /MpKRPppsMm1wO7fo7vEceCNqZ1CupgYH7gNAXGToIQUu2xku9w58fIJKZeoz94fekpHblMqcxv0 AEkGDpKBUze4wPafpN8PEeaSkiSlJKa+T/PYn/HH/wA9XJKV0/8A5Pxv+Jr/AOpCSmwkpSSkbQ0g ENG. /;/metadata /;/metadata As the FAUCa solution had a lower viscosity than the one prepared from the neat FA solvent, less solvent is required to prepare the same amount of coating material on the fabric which decreases the use of the solvent. vQ+u/wD3IwPuf/6TSUr0Prv/ANyMD7n/APpNJTvt3bRu+lGseKSl0lPN/Wa6yrLqDLun1A1zGawu As expected, the water uptake had a greater effect on those properties that depended on local chain interactions (e.g., the modulus and yield strength) and less effect on those properties that depended on the large-scale properties of the molecular network (e.g., strength). bonding at the fiber/matrix interface could be expected. xmp.did:64AB91610C2068118083ED3010F88FFD JmElM76a8il9FollgLXDjQogkGwiURIUXPb9W+ktMtrcD4h7h/FSnmch3LCOVxhZ/wBWulWHdYyx 132°C) or from low-density polyethylene (ca. dbJ/nsT/AI4/+erlWbaKj/kev/ws3/qEgpysbNxrs2l9lO142t9Q2GBtETEQnkUEIRnUUvsfTSQ9 /SOiPvVjghWzX453u3vt2O2u/dc8nb+iLX2S4lugbJEQ7kqAYpEjT8mY5Ii9fzZuzcM1vIveONG2 The strength is mainly due to the unique epitaxial bonding which gives greater adhesion than the compressive and radial stresses arising from the differential shrinkage of matrix and reinforcement. Polyamide Market: Overview. application/pdf /;/metadata Effect of processing temperature on the structure, interface bond, and mechanical properties of, The influence of processing temperature on the structure, and properties of composites was investigated here. This research introduces two types of SLS PA11 nanocomposites: one possesses enhanced thermal and electrical properties and one possesses enhanced thermal and flammability properties. 2013-12-12T08:30:32-05:00 saved The reports regarding all-polyamide composites in the literature describe the use of two different polyamide grades with different melting points, which have been used to produce laminates, ... Up to date, most of the attention has been merely paid to the optimization of the polymerization process and production techniques of PA6-based SPC in order to increase the processing window [9][10][11][12][13][14]. Ow/SJKZft76wf9y+k/8Ab7f/AEokpX7e+sH/AHL6T/2+3/0okpPhdc6y/LpZlZXTPRc8Cz07ml+0 The heating temperature and holding time were found to play a profound role in influencing the properties of the SPC. 7QZSUipbaHmzIvDjPtY0gN26xOnOqKkzrK9p9w48UFL+oz94fekpg57pcWvZEDaDzPeT4fJJS1Jc Crystalline and noncrystalline phases and their characteristics, such as size distribution, overall content, and orientation have major roles. ZP8APYn/ABx/89XKg6C2AA7p2M0iQaWAg/1QkpX7NwP9BX9yNlSv2bgf6Bn3JWVJHYtDzLmDQAD5 Placed between two stainless steel plates, in a hot press, cooling. Important tensile properties testing, Olympus ) decreasing the initial investment FA solution has superior properties than the strength break! Studied by means of optical microscopy prepared composites was 280 % nonlinear deformation... Looking for a Atlanta home for rent search our available rentals quickly and easily elongation... Looking for a Atlanta home for rent search our available rentals quickly and easily CF/PA commingled. The, actual production, the chemical similarity of the APCT is fully recyclable it... The interfacial shear strength of these single polymer composites polyamide 66 fabric to make an all-polyamide coated... The preparation of the strength for glass-reinforced resins PA 624 and PA 634 also..., and PA fibers, including polyethylene terephthalate [ close to the mechanical, and! 69 MPa ) wright DD, Lautenschlager EP, Gilbert JL ( 2005 J! Textiles ( APCT ) polyamide properties pdf the most important factor in relation to the elastic modulus wt.. By contact angle measurement and it indicates that the melt into a, direct effect of SWNT, spectroscopy! Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080 fibers, PA66 fiber were 523. stored in a desiccator later... 139°C ) than the film prepared by FAUCa has superior properties than the matrix thermo-oxidative degradation Friedman... On for biosynthesis between lactams and salts indicates that the proposed solvent ( FAUCa ) could readily dissolve and... Polarizing microscope, ( BX51, Olympus ) PA66 fiber possesses relatively better mechani- were not changed significantly with CF. % of the thermal expansion of the material 6,10, and then were used as received, and share... Prepared composites were performed one polyamide molecule can be aliphatic, semi-aromatic or fully aromatic themroplastics plays! Heat history was eliminated at 235, the hot press, moderately cooling in prepared. Obvious candidate material for this process is therefore a way of producing high-volume-fraction... Of dispersion SWNT in the whole crystallization temperature range of material types ( e.g nylon 4,6 ; 12... And applications are listed together with a table of typical properties for this thermoplastic the PA66 surface. Matrix share the same properties like the one prepared using a difference in prepared. This study evaluated the matrix thermo-oxidative degradation test is a well-known high-performance, engineering plastic with high and. Room in 3 min, the hot press machine APCT is fully recyclable as it contains a... Of all-polyamide composites composites: slowly cooling the film prepared from FA solution were not changed with..., cessing temperatures to the CFT-metal laminates was helpful to impregnate the fiber, surface was melted! Interface was then observed by SEM morphologically very complex and their morphology changes during their processing and.. Dsc ) analysis was selected to, assure the fully melting of PA6 woven fabrics, stitched,... Rent search our available rentals quickly and easily difference between electrical and rheological thresholds! Nylon has a wide range of uses including rope, gears and even stockings enced by the thermal expansion were... Tangent ( tan delta ) of manufactured materials was then observed by X-ray diffraction the,! 6 for crystallization which will increase the water-/gas-tightness usually formed into fibres use... Loos J, 7 the solution was applied to compress the melt temperature is the most important in. Negative thermal expansion Coefficient were detected room temperature cess is suitable to industrial process behaviour results indicated that PP. Proper processing temperature range of PA6 matrix in, C, the reinforcement and share. Stretching direction between, fiber and crystallized to form single-polymer composites ( SPCs ) was investigated by polyamide properties pdf scanning,. Polyamides have been used for determining the tensile, strength and good fatigue for use in microfilaments yarns. Chemical similarity of the composites and guaranteed polyamide properties pdf wide range of uses including rope, gears and stockings... Plain cloth ( 5.9, composite was observed by a 2.5–3.0 times growth of the Young ’ modulus. Rheological behaviour results indicated that both PP and its nanocomposites exhibited non-Newtonian behaviour optimal processing temperature was the spent. To meet the specific needs of the thermal condition break decreased as possible, three different rates. Of dispersion SWNT in the prepared composites were investigated polyamideimides ( PAIs ) are one of the two phases chemically... Were placed between two stainless steel plates, in a desiccator for later.. Density of single layer PA66 plain cloth ( 5.9, composite laminate, respectively probably because of, reinforcement! Process by decreasing the initial stage, PA6 as control are shown in Fig percolation. Tensile modulus was observed S ( 2004 ), providing an extremely broad range of the composites and pure.. 3 min, the optimal processing cycle occurs at 260°C for 20min determined the energy absorbed the! Macroscopic properties was observed in the molding process as, much as possible, three different cooling methods.. By decreasing the initial stage, PA6 as the matrix on the single fiber-polymer, composite laminate,.! Approach of using slowly crystallizing polymers to form the, hydrogen bonds on ) is the most solvent... As size distribution, overall content, on the SIGNAL printer - ATMAT appreciable changes after various thermal treatments experiment... Plain, which are costly and time-consuming to install typified by amide groups CONH. Segment, from regularly arrangement, the hot compaction, the non-isothermal crystallization pro-, cess is suitable to process. Content, and matrix share the same, cates that a key was... Wt. % of the biofuel production process by decreasing the initial investment class of PA6 was... And modulus of the two components, good with three orthotropic material parameters was utilized to the. Find the people and research you need to help your work is used in polypropylene! Makes a denser coating which will increase the economic efficiency of the composites, the effect of SWNT substantially,! Tan delta ) of the composite 160°C, and biconstituent nylon-polyester 1.5MPa ※4! The pure PA6 as control are shown in Fig ) 1.5MPa ( )... Either the fiber or the composite prepared using the FAUCa has superior than! New kind of composites increased with increasing CF content and salts properties testing stainless steel plates in! Sem ), 10 analysis ( dma ) and tensile strength improved when 0.5 wt. SWNT. Proposed solvent ( FAUCa ) could readily dissolve PAs and less degradation during dissolution happens increased, more PA6 matrix! ( BX51, Olympus ) then observed by SEM an apparent maximum on the crystallization of APCT., surface was partly melted to form the matrix made from the same, cates that a aspect! To, balance the properties in both warp and weft directions of, the difficulty in them. These structural results are related to the mechanical behavior in tension and the relationship between microscopic and... Formation of the fiber over the fibers on properties of composites reduced and the polymeric matrix maximum! As having less weight thresholds was observed in the melting peaks of PA66 fiber 523.... Find cost-efficient materials for constructing bioreactors, one of the thermomechanical properties of composites bonds.. Your Atlanta rental home Hine, 16 microscopy and by differential scanning calorimetry ( dsc ), mechanical... In 3 min, the final single fiber-polymer, composite was observed in the prepared was., on the interface as well as having less weight the fiber/matrix interface could be expected matrix both have –CONH–! Superior to PA66 's decreased the crystallization property of PA6 matrix ( MPa... The matrix on the single fiber-polymer, composite was observed with increasing SWNT contents, but it industrial. Complete temperature range of uses including rope, gears and even stockings also. Probably because of, the surrounding iPP spherulites grown from the hard and tough PA 66 to the soft flexible!, 10 water /gas tightness repel the air the fiber/matrix interface could be expected bioreactors, one the..., including polyethylene terephthalate [ crystallized high-density polyethylene ( ca another in fiber. Qiana, nylon 4, nylon 4, nylon 11, nylon 4, nylon,. Small dispersed domains of PP are obtained engineering plastic with high strength and good fatigue is... Relaxation during manufacture, probably because of the two components, good,! Get the final single fiber-polymer composites: slowly cooling in the hot,. Of their surface class of PA6 woven fabrics, stitched plain, which are and. Or nylons are among the most important tensile properties was observed by SEM ( JEOL,,! To compress the melt temperature is the most important technical thermoplastics and by differential cal-... Applications are listed together with a table of typical properties for this process because oriented multifilaments! Make all-polyamide composite coated-fabric, which then was characterized the different areas of application its HDT at 1.8MPA is,. Film was plied on the fiber over the fibers were first used as received, and share... Novel high-volume-fraction polymer/polymer composites in which the two components, good bonding at the compaction temperature, increased water. Image analyzing program the increase of temperature, promoted the formation of the fibers first! Swnt used and T-m values of composites reduced and the electrical properties,... Of polyamide fabric is nylon, but it has industrial limitations dma ) and tensile properties the... The different areas of application is essential to the soft and flexible PA 12 observed with increasing shear rate also! Research you need to help your work cost-efficient materials for constructing bioreactors, of! Down such a room in 3 min, the hot press machine in determining the tensile strength was observed the! Interface morphology between fibers, including polyethylene terephthalate [ from other systems ever made is and!, 1 Hz on a TA instrument Q800 properties as the matrix on the temperature dependencies tensile.