I will drive it first and see how she looks and handles. Mar 31, 2020 - Explore Truck Camper Magazine's board "Bigfoot Campers", followed by 30421 people on Pinterest. Sounds like the Timbrens will be the ticket and I will read up on them and likely order as you suggested. If you want to go with Timbrens – after using your rig a bit – get in touch with Benjamin at Timbren, tell him what rig you have and ask for the Aeon springs that are just a bit softer than the Severe Service model which I think is designed for ultra-heavy slide out campers. It was completely open to the floor and was pretty much sharing the under sink catch all area to the right. Including the Alpine 13 and 15 and the Ascent 13 and 15 Hybrids. It holds two Group 27’s in a tray. I will add the sway bar. Our facility includes a state of the art fiberglass shop as well as cabinetry, electrical, and plumbing departments. And at the back of the camper there is a Dometic Sunchaser awning. Since the 1950s, the United States’ version of this has been “Bigfoot.” And since 1976, the Delivery available nationwide. I have to say, I had heard the Timbren customer service was good. The 25C9.4SB has an interior floor length of 9 feet 4 inches. We loved that Bigfoot, took it to a lot of places in Alaska, put it on the state ferry system and made trips to the Yukon in it. 2003 Bigfoot 9.6e 2500 model 25th anniversary cabover camper - $14900 (Prunedale) This is a 2003 Bigfoot 9.6e 2500 model cabover camper.This is the 25th anniversary Edition. TCM: How were you able to resume production in the same 85,000 square-foot multi-building complex in Armstrong, British Columbia where Bigfoot was originally produced? Bigfoot truck campers have a loyal following in Alaska and Canada for their four-season camping capabilities. The 1500 series has an inch of insulation while the basement model 2500 series has 1.5 inches of R8 extruded polystyrene insulation. Clifford Barackman runs the North American Bigfoot Center, a museum dedicated to Sasquatch in Oregon. The shower fixture is a standard plastic RV unit and I am replacing it with a water-saving EcoCamel shower head. Between the fridge and the dinette is a wardrobe closet with three drawers beneath it. I hope you will have the opportunity to provide updates on your experience with this camper in the future, such as issues, likes, dislikes, etc. BFC IS ON THE MOVE... 2/5 Geelong Crt Bibra Lake WA. I’ve already fixed this with a partition and shelf. Altitude Camper Trailers fill a gap in the market for Australian-made, off road camper trailers. We continue this Tradition today by providing high-quality Bigfoot Truck Campers and Travel Trailers to the North American RV market from our facility in Armstrong, BC, Canada as well as by providing support to our loyal & dedicated Bigfoot Owners. We especially like the floorplan with 270 degree views out the windows, the weathertight fiberglass exterior, the large tank capacities, thermal pane glass windows, high-capacity ducted furnace and thick insulation. I did what everyone suggests – wait until you get the truck camper on the truck and use it on a trip or two – then see what suspension enhancements you might need. For each month we recalculate the weighted average price for the products found with query 'Bigfoot truck camper' between price range 500 - 150000. This area is unheated because there is no plumbing in it. so I’m currently installing my own solar system. The North Fork of Long Island. Can’t say enough good things about them. Excellent condition camper and ready for the road! This is a true four season truck camper with thermal pane windows, heated holding tanks, onan generator, electric jacks, gas cook top stove with oven, scissor steps, basement storage and more. The weighted average price reduces all the prices down to one single price. The ride I have now is great. To access that black water knife valve and any plumbing related to the tankage, there is a large access panel on the front underside of the camper. We wish Bigfoot would offer an AGM option whereby there is no sealed battery compartment and the vented door is replaced with a standard weather tight RV access door. The rear overhang of the camper extends past a short-bed truck a lot (about 28 inches past my Ford bumper), but does not reduce the departure angle too much (ignoring the jacks) because the truck bumper below the camper influences the departure angle as well. I look to be ordering a Bigfoot 10.4 in the next 2 weeks for full-time use. This drove my wife crazy and to be honest when I tried to make the bed, it drove me nuts as well. There’s an outdoor shower. Best review on the web with all the insight into construction, insulation, even the wire gauge used for solar (8AWG seems to be enough, 0.23V drop for 25′ wire run). in there. Our models are updated offerings of Bigfoot's most popular RV's. This meant that every time I hit a bump or was on a rough road, the overload springs would very suddenly engage and I could feel that as a jolt every time. Mike – We considered a Bigfoot 25C10.4 for a long time but we thought it too long (1′-5″ longer) and too heavy (3,090 dry weight). I seen a Bigfoot as said in the title. The camper's claims come despite his apparent previous disbelief in bigfoot (Image: Getty Images) Read More Related Articles. Rear sag was my only problem. We knew our ability to go on back roads would be limited with that rig, but we did not want to limit ourselves even more. The factory sway bar seemed in my mind to do its job and I did not change it to anything heavier, like a Hellwig. Since the fiberglass shell is the structural support for the camper, the insulation is more uniformly distributed under the fiberglass as opposed to wood or aluminum construction where structural members inside the skin take the place of insulation and create cold spots. A large storage drawer is under the oven. Please stop by for a tour, call us at 480-894 … But the one downside to Bigfoot’s fiberglass shell construction method is that the forms/molds already exist and are used repeatedly. The Bigfoot Scream You Have Probably Heard “The sound you hear is what some experts claim to be a Bigfoot scream. With it turned completely off, it stays cold because it is full. It is regarded as the highest quality audio of the creature ever captured.” -Leonard Nimoy, Ancient Mysteries (1992) It would be nice if this door and compartment would fit a Honda or Yamaha generator (for stowage only) to give you an option. There’s a good ladder to the roof with easy access from the top step of the scissor steps. American Bigfoot dealers squacked about being under-cut price-wise and so the manufacturer put a stop to these transactions a while back. Yes, this manufacture is the second (of my final four) located in Canada. The ride was terrible. This appears to be one of the determining factors of the basement height. It does have a nice interior light. I was very pleased when I saw your article pop up on FB today. I bought the truck used. Come see why Bigfoot is one of the premier truck campers made! I wrote Timbren an email explaining the problem and Benjamin at Timbren – [email protected] – was very helpful. Thanks. All rights reserved. I recently just bought the same camper, expecting delivery the end of March. 2004 Bigfoot Bigfoot 27dsl , A 27 ft. class C motor home, model 27DSL, Ford E450 with Triton V10. Mello Mike suggested them in an article a few years ago. Bigfoot Camper • … I wish there were an option to delete it. For those of us who mostly want increased tank capacity, but would be happy with a U-shape dinette and a less tall (less top-heavy) camper, I wish Bigfoot would make a version of this camper with maybe a “crawl space” instead of a full basement. Mello Mike is an Amazon.com associate. Lake Meredith in Northern Texas.